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I am writing to recommend Cindy Morris as one of the finest estheticians I have had the pleasure of meeting and have availed myself of her services for in excess of a year. I was very fortunate to find her and find that her abilities far exceed the skills of the vast majority of her contemporaries.

Cindy has an uncanny ability to access the needs that are particular to my skin type/condition and then formulate a treatment plan designed especially for me. She did a very thorough evaluation at our first meeting and has followed up with evaluations (after each facial) detailing how my treatment plan has been successful. I can see and feel the difference and am thrilled!! It is abundantly obvious that she cares deeply about what she does and takes pride in her successes. How refreshing to find someone that is so dedicated to excellence.

Cindy has a very calming nature while at the same time exuding confidence and what is obviously a superior knowledge in her field. I have the utmost confidence in her and her abilities and have on many occasions referred family and friends. They too have experienced the same quality and level of service that I have enjoyed.

With her abilities, extensive knowledge, dedication, and customer service skills, I know that Cindy will exceed everyone expectations, just as she has done mine. I can, without hesitation, recommend Cindy! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Sondra Cochran ,



It is my pleasure to recommend you for employment and attest to my positive experience while under your routine care over the last 2 years. As a result of your facial treatments, my fair-skinned complexion has changed dramatically. I am so pleased and encouraged with the improvement in my rosacea and redness and am no longer self-conscious about it. My skin’s tone and texture is at its best. My friends and family have noticed and comment on the changes.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference on your job applications. My contact information is above. I can also be reached at Beverly-Hanks & Associates at 828.452.5809 or contacted by email at

I also want to mention that your eye massage treatment is outstanding. I have never had a facial that included this service prior to finding you and it is well worth it. The investment you encouraged me to make in the eye- care products has made a visible impact.

the facial was amazing!! Best I ever had and I am spreading the world!!!

Julia Cooper -

tel: 828 273 4607

thank you for the wonderful facial, it was wonderful, so glad i found you

Barbara Fletcher - - tel: 828 545 0325

I am so pleased with Cindy's extraordinary technique with my skin care. Having a salon for many years, I recognized her scientific knowledge and hands on approach and was quite impressed. I would welcome everyone to allow Cindy to show you how she can bring radiance and youthfulness to your skin.

Hazy Mason Oberski

Just want to let you know since I started using your products and treatments my skin looks and feel amazing! I turned 60 in August and people don't believe it! thank you!

Dawn Hines -

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